Bedding an Assassin

Secrets in Ireland - Book 1


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He’d break anything that threatened me… even my heart.

Jolene Moroney never expected to find herself in charge of a whiskey distillery. She also never expected to find herself looking down the barrel of a gun. The death of an uncle she didn’t even know she had changed all that.

When Jolene’s life and the future of the vast Moroney inheritance became threatened by outside forces, there was only one man Jolene felt she could turn to.

Callum, an ex-assassin for the Scottish government, spent the last few years protecting Jolene’s uncle. Now, the chiseled bodyguard found himself on the run, going undercover to protect Jolene.

It started out as just another job for Callum. However, when the sexual tension between the two of them began to ignite, it threatened to set them ablaze. Acting on impulse, they gave into their lust-filled desire and shared a sensual, passionate night together.

Instead of getting it out of their systems, it only increases their need for one another. Now, with unspeakable dangers closing in on them, will they be able to escape with their love… or their lives?

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