Tempting the Guardian (Secrets in Ireland – Book 3)


He’s protected me from everything… except from himself.

Aspiring photographer Alexandra Marcus dreamed of a life where she could capture the beauty of the world through the lens of her camera. However, the opportunity of a lifetime turns deadly when she witnesses her travel partner gunned down in the street. Now, she must trust the Irish government to shield her from the dangers that lurk behind the mysterious gunman, but hesitates when she lays eyes upon the too-handsome stranger chosen to protect her, Kelly McInnis.

Kelly finds himself easily lured out of retirement from the National Crime Agency on a notion that life would serve some kind of purpose once again. But all sentimental thoughts of life vanish when he’s introduced to the terrified beauty before him.

His overwhelming need to protect her consumes him and Kelly finds it difficult to keep his sexual desire under control. And when she gives in to his gentle touch, Kelly unleashes the hunger from within.

Their burning need to be together causes a lapse in judgment when a ride through town takes a turn for the worse and bullets rain down on them. Once secrets are exposed and both lives hang in the balance, will they be able to push through their lustful desires and stumble out of the crossfire alive?

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