I am an Arizona Native who currently resides in Northern California. As a native to AZ, I’m suppose to love the heat and dry weather, however that’s not the case. I can not stand the heat and dread (well not dread since I do continue going back), my visits there in the summer. Who on earth would want to go outside when it’s 115 degrees? Why my family and friends love it there, I’ll never understand…

I live in the beautiful Bay Area with my amazing husband and our adorable dog Buddy, and we recently welcomed our first child, a beautiful baby girl named Arabella!

That husband of mine coaches college baseball so I fill my days chasing toddlers and teaching preschoolers in a full time spot at a local preschool. When I’m not doing that, I’m hanging with family and friends, playing with my baby girl, or pouring my heart and soul into the next book.

I hope that you enjoy reading my books as much as I have had writing them. I hope that I was able to open up your imagination, make you feel like you were there and on an adventure of your own. Last but not least, I hope you love the characters as much as I do in this book and in my books to come. Thank you for being supportive!

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